Thanksgiving is about to come and go and we are quickly approaching the last 3 weeks of school in 2014.

A lot of fun activities are being planned and we will be in need of quite a few things in order to complete these activities. If you are willing and able to help, one of the first activities that we will be ding is making snowmen on December 11th. We will need: new white men’s tube socks, skinny hot glue gun sticks, buttons, skinny and wide ribbon, pom-pom balls, wiggly eyes, beans, pipe cleaners, jewels and volunteers to help with this project. Also, if anyone has a glue gun that we could borrow on that day, if you are unable to volunteer, it would be greatly appreciated.


The second nine weeks is halfway finished.

This week I will be sending home a small project. Your child will have to disguise a turkey to keep it from being eaten for Thanksgiving. Once the turkey has been returned safely to our classroom they children will write descriptive sentences, using adjectives, to describe their turkey. Then their classmates will have to guess whose turkey Is whose. This project will be due next Friday, November 21st.

Interims will go home on Monday, November 17th.

Second grade as a whole has a lot of fun things planned over the next several weeks. In order to do some of the fun projects planned we will need some materials: men’s white tube socks, buttons, ribbon, skinny hot glue gun sticks, different sized pom-pom balls, pipe cleaners, jewels, and any other materials that would be fun to decorate with.