Your child was asked to bring in a 2 inch binder. The binder will house your child’s agenda, homework journal, homework folder, daily folder, skinny math book and any other papers that need to go home. The homework folder will keep any loose homework such as the reading log and Word Study menu. The homework journal will be where your child will complete their Word Study homework each night, Monday-Thursday.

Your child will have 4-5 extra words added to their Word Study list every week. These are High Frequency words that your child should be able to recognize. As a second grade team, we determined that although children may recognize these words they may not be able to spell them or use them correctly in a sentence. These extra words will be tested separately from Word Study and your child will have to spell the words and use them correctly in a sentence.    

Word Study Sorting Guide

  • Cut out sort
  • Put headers at the top of your sorting area
  • Have your child say the headers out loud (short vowels say their sound, long vowels say their name) oddball does not match either header and does not fit the pattern.
  • Have your child pick a word card, say the word and then compare it out loud to the header cards. (ex: “mad-cat”, “mad-cake” , “mad has the same sound as cat, therefore it has a short vowel sound” ) They will then choose which header it belongs to. They will do the same for the picture cards, however they will not be responsible for knowing how to spell them.
  • They should do their entire sort this way talking out which words go where and why they go there.
  • Your child will work on this in class and should also be working on this nightly at home.